Gotta love meetin’ those mammals!!!

a 1

Oh yeah, feeding some porcupines!

a 2

Baby porcupine!!!

a 3

Okay, we are getting close to the end of the photos from our daughter Mollie’s 18th birthday surprise visit to an animal sanctuary. Coming up in the next set of posts is the animal that made Mollie cry with joy.

a 4

Mmmmm… cauliflower… the albino broccoli…

a 5

Porcupines love to eat, and they eat pretty fast. They also sit on their butts, and it is almost too adorable.

a 6

I know, they are technically rodents, but they look like fat little bears!

a 7


a 8

Too bad you can’t pick them up and cuddle them.

a 9

I love their little hands!




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2 Responses to Gotta love meetin’ those mammals!!!

  1. Elyse says:

    Ooh, I love porcupines. Sort of. There is one that hangs out in a tree behind the house we stay in in Maine. She eats the apples and squeaks all night long. Adorable, but she arrives early in the evening, and we can’t let Duncan out … still, she makes the most delightful sounds.

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