The ZOOm chronicles… part 1…


Guess where I took Olivia today? What? No… I didn’t feed her to a freekin’ snow leopard… what is wrong with you? Would I do that to this kid?


No, I would not. I did, however, take her to the world famous San Diego zoo again. And I did bring the zoom lens for the camera… (hence the clever name of this new series, and no, I am still doing the reflecting water series too, that is just fun… I might even put some pictures from the zoo trip in that other series)…


Look, don’t let it get you all confused. All you need to do is keep coming back and looking at the pretty pictures… whether there is water moving under them or not… and maybe comment now and then, would that kill you?


But we did see lots of cool animals… Ha… see what I did there… because polar bears are cool… unless they are bipolar bears… HA!


And because I brought the zoom lens, you can get up close and personal with the animals… so to speak…


Don’t fall asleep… you might miss something good…


That isn’t even a real seal… it is plastic… it is in the kid’s playground near the polar bears… just seeing if you are paying attention.


Anyway, I hope you come back to share our latest adventure.


Because who knows what you will see…


See what I mean?



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4 Responses to The ZOOm chronicles… part 1…

  1. Elyse says:

    You know I love your zoo pictures. Near here, two different animals have gone AWOL from zoos!

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