The ZOOm chronicles… part 2…


Whenever I go to the zoo, I take a bunch of pictures, and then have to figure out what order to post them in. I try to save the most exciting animals for last… which, I guess, means that I don’t find ducks that exciting… but I still try to get good pictures of them…


And little Olivia loves ducks… which is why we saw so many of them…


Look at the rainbow colors in the water.


That is a beautiful duck… that looks a little like a life preserver when asleep.


I don’t mean that I don’t like ducks, they just aren’t quite as interesting as big cats and baby gorillas…


A lot of the ducks were sleeping. These ducks with the rust-colored heads seem to like to sleep in pairs…


And sometimes, standing up…


Look… it’s a water bed…


That one was sleeping in the tall grass… after removing its own head, presumably.


And that one was pretending it was a tree.


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6 Responses to The ZOOm chronicles… part 2…

  1. Al says:

    If she loves ducks, then I am sure there is something you can give her for that mallardy

  2. ha….i see you finally got a camera…good stuff

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