Meetin’ some mammals… part 3… more good advice on mammal meetin’…


Yes, it is always fun and exciting to meet your fellow mammals, but don’t get too excited. If they are busy doing something… like taking a nap, don’t be rude. You wouldn’t like it if some mammal woke you up just to make your acquaintance.


If they are eating, wait until they finish before introducing yourself. This is just common sense and good manners.


If they appear to be shy, don’t just walk up and try to shake their hand… or hoof… or flipper, paw, or whatever.


If they are playing, you can join in if they want you too, but don’t spoil their fun.


If they are taking a quiet moment to reflect on the meaning of life, just remember that it isn’t always all about you… and this is me saying that…


And if they are having an argument, don’t but in. That is just obnoxious.


If they are with a bunch of their friends, remember that you are the outsider. If you were doing something with your friends and someone just interjected themselves into the situation, you might think that person was a little crazy.


And when taking photographs, always take their best side.

Be respectful, and trust your instincts.

Now go out there and meet some mammals!



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14 Responses to Meetin’ some mammals… part 3… more good advice on mammal meetin’…

  1. Al says:

    They are great photos

  2. So I followed your advice to the letter, but still lost one finger, half my left foot and a butt cheek…what the hell Arthur!?

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