The party… part 5… (Or): Did I mention there were babies and dogs there? Oh, and there was one truly magical moment…


I met this adorable young lady. I made her smile and that made my day.


I didn’t take pictures of all the dogs I played with… I was drinking… I had my hands full.


I was lucky to be near by for a magical moment. A little boy spotted the baby, and came over, climbed onto the couch, and this happened…


He gave her a hug. It was beautiful… sniff… stupid allergies…


She is very huggable, you must admit.


So yeah, a party, for a good friend, with games and kids and dogs and babies… and free beer and tacos…


And we got the birthday boy a gift… which I wrapped myself… in leftover Christmas stuff… because I am at my mom’s house, and that was all I could find.




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