Oh, deer…


I have never seen so many deer in my life as I have recently.


I took all these pictures during the first two days at my mom’s house in the Bay Area.


They were all taken right in front of her house.


The people around here don’t like them.


That is because they tend to eat all their plants and flowers.


But you have to admit, they are beautiful animals.


And it makes me feel good to know that some animals are thriving.


I mean, they must be doing okay if there are this many running around in a neighborhood instead of up in the hills, away from the houses.


Makes me wonder if the wild parts of the Bay Area are so covered by herds of deer that there just isn’t any room for any more.


Maybe I should drive up there and investigate.


I suppose it is more likely that some deer just have more refined taste than other deer.


So they move down to where there is a more eclectic mix of things to eat.


Basically, these are ‘hipster foodie’ deer.



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37 Responses to Oh, deer…

  1. mcneilljared says:

    So funny. They’re beautiful creatures, to be sure, but they can be dangerous.


  2. Christopher says:

    For years now I’ve been laboring under the delusion that there are so many deer in my neighborhood because a large tract of old farmland nearby was cut down and turned into a strip mall.
    I am indebted to you for revealing they’re really hipster foodie deer. We also have hipster foodie possums, raccoons, foxes, groundhogs, and coyotes.
    So all I have to do to get rid of the poison ivy in my yard is label it “artisanal”.

  3. Elyse says:

    Oh deer is right. We have similar numbers of deer around here. And while they are beautiful, they are quite dangerous to traffic, and Lyme’s disease (and others) have spread along with the herds. In the forests around here, plants are decimated, leaving only invasive species the deer don’t like. It’s a big problem.

    I don’t advocate hunting. I think they are beautiful, noble (albeit seriously stupid) animals. But they really are dangerous in such numbers in populated areas.

  4. Al says:


    Seriously, they look gorgeous and to be so close to them. Awesome.

  5. Lucy Brazier says:

    I like those deer very much. Look at their little faces!

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