I swear, these are the last random pictures of the fancy hotel we stayed at last weekend before I start doing posts about why we stayed at that fancy hotel last weekend…

a 1

Yes… I know… that isn’t a picture of a fancy hotel…

a 2

But I took these right out in front of the hotel. The hotel hires this nice lady… a licensed hawk trainer… to hang around the hotel with her Harris hawk… to keep the seagulls from grabbing food right off the plates of the people eating outside.

a 3

She actually lets the hawk fly around. Sometimes it lands on the railings of the balconies of the hotel, and if you aren’t expecting it… and really, why would you be… it can be a little startling.

a 4

Anyway, I do love me some birds of prey, so I ran down and talked to the lady and got some pictures to share with you.

a 5

I also met this adorable little guy… while I was out wandering around waiting for my wife to get ready for… that thing… that I’m going to tell you about soon…

a 6

His name is Watson.

a 7

He is awfully cute.

a 8

The hotel also had a life-sized calf outside the ice cream parlor. I want one of those. I don’t know what I would do with it, but I bet me and the crack squirrels living in my head could come up with a few ideas.

a 9

Oh, look… there is one of the seagulls that snuck back in when the hawk lady left. California gulls are crazy. They will swoop down and grab food right out of your hand. If you come to California, you should bring a hawk. You should also tell me, so I can meet you someplace.

a 10

Some guy built this really cool sandcastle. It was as tall as I am, and I am pretty tall.

a 11

Seriously, if you ever come to San Diego, let me know. We can meet at the Hotel Del Coronado for lunch.

a 12

Well… uh… that was just sitting in the hotel hallway near our room… so I took a picture of it.

a 13

I can’t remember if I posted any photos of the central courtyard of the hotel or not…

a 14

Either way, no sense letting these go to waste, right?

a 15

I took that picture while my wife and I were waiting for a cab… to go to that thing… which I will tell you about in the very next post… you know… unless the crack squirrels come up with some crazy idea to mess with Donald Trump of whatever…

a 16

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8 Responses to I swear, these are the last random pictures of the fancy hotel we stayed at last weekend before I start doing posts about why we stayed at that fancy hotel last weekend…

  1. axiomaticentity says:

    I looked into getting my own raptor back when I owned birds. There is a lot of licenses you have to get and special buildings and permits and it’s expensive. You agree to let the authorities come any time to do random spot checks. I decided against it.
    I LOVE that sand castle and I LOVE the calf statute.
    How long do palm trees live by the way?

  2. List of X says:

    Hmmm…. if there is a hawk flying around the hotel premises, I have to reconsider bringing my cat.

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