Okay, I might be part dog…

This is why kids love me… Our dog, Shiloh, does a lot of tricks. One of them is ‘recycling’. She picks up a plastic water bottle… or, in this case, a toy… and puts it in the plastic bucket. Willie loved watching Shiloh do it over and over again. And Shiloh loved it because she got a treat each time.

But I thought it would be funny to have Willie tell me to recycle. And it was. He loved it. And every time I put the dog toy in the bucket, I would wag my tail and he would pet my head. Unfortunately, since my wife wants me to stop putting pictures of Mollie on the blog, and Mollie was sitting on the couch, I had to edit the end of the video out… the part where Willie breaks into peals of laughter. I did that trick until my knees were raw.

And can I just say, that dog toy tasted nasty…

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21 Responses to Okay, I might be part dog…

  1. benzeknees says:

    It would have been so much better with the laughter! And the head tickles!

  2. No wonder Willie loves you! Good doggie.

  3. Did you get a treat too??? You are too awesome. 🐾

  4. Elyse says:

    That does explain the squirrels.

  5. skymunki says:

    this is sooo cute!! 😊

  6. Paul says:

    It’s a ruff life.

  7. erikamsteele says:

    It says the video is private. It would have only made my dog jealous anyway.

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