Things we could do with Dick’s head…

(Ha… that ought to be good for some funny search engine terms)…

You know I am on a quest to overcome my (completely rational) fear of Dick Cheney, and maybe to lay to rest the deep anger I have towards the man who single-handedly took America off the moral high ground. And that has led me to start wondering if perhaps I could think of some positive uses for that frightful growth on the top of his neck.

Here are a few ideas I came up with. It didn’t really take a lot of effort.

I would like to see his cabeza… (That is Spanish for ‘head’, by the way)… used as a pinata…

a 1

What, Mr. Cheney? You say this sounds a little like torture? Hey, we will decide if it sounds like torture or not. To us, it sounds more like some good old-fashioned school hazing.

Okay, this part might hurt just a little bit…

a 1 aBut think of the children.

In fact, as long as we are on the subject of children, you know how much they like soccer…

a 4Excuse me, Mr. Cheney, did you say something? Oh. Soccer isn’t American enough for you? Too many foreigners play soccer? Okay…

a 3Well you don’t look all that happy about the change. But hey, it could have been worse…

a 8See what I mean?

Oh, so now you want to go back to making the children happy? Well, I do feel that you owe them at least that much considering what you did to the world they have to grow up in. Can I clone your head? Because then we could just do this…

a 2The best thing about giving kids some Cheney balloons is that they will not cry when they pop or float away forever.

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12 Responses to Things we could do with Dick’s head…

  1. Anonymous says:

    greatgodpan …..yip i know its just gotten to me of late… country is really depresing right now..i shall overcome….fuck em all…long live freedom of thought…i shall die free in my consciense even if you have to kill me…fuck em all …

  2. Bloody nut……i suggest you turn dicks head into a dickhead…..imagine that coming from a guy with the name allcock…..go well mr browne.

    • I could do that, but it would be hard to retain my family friendly vibe… thank you sir.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are welcome…if i ever get to califor.nia..which i doubt.i will make a point about visiting you……i am totally disolusioned with everything…i believe nothing anymore..i see this in you too
        .sad state of affairs that we should be reudused to realizing that the whole world id a total fuck up……sorry so negative but that how i feel right now….i will overcome

        … you dude..
        No im not gay…

        • The world is a hell hole, but the secret is spotting the funny parts or making the bad parts funny. That is why I do so many Photoshop pictures of Dick Cheney. Laugh at the evil.

  3. benzeknees says:

    And fall you did! Right on your face.

  4. Jean says:

    When I saw this pop up in my Reader, I said, right out loud, “Oh no.” But I had a smile on my face. You never disappoint.

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