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I haven’t had time to do an audio book version of my book yet…

But if you want, I will come to your house and read it out loud to you. Heck, I will even act it out for you. With hand puppets. All you need to do is order a copy of my … Continue reading

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Why should you read my book?

I mean besides the obvious reasons such as making me rich and famous. Well, let me see if I can convince you. The main character is me. It is just me in another dimension, another reality. And who doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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I have sold my first book…

And I am now a professional paid author. Special thanks to my friend Bats at  http://http://bats0711.wordpress.com/ She was the very first to buy my book in actual dead tree form. I have now promised to write a character based on her … Continue reading

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