Senior prom!!!

a 1

Our younger daughter, Mollie, and her boyfriend, Dashawn, had their senior prom last night.

a 2

Technically, it was just her’s, because he is a year older.

a 3

They spent the night with their best friends.

a 4

We went to the local Marine Air Base… Miramar… which used to be the Top Gun Navy training base.

a 5

We had some fun with an old airplane.

a 6

I have a few posts worth of pictures, just so you know.

a 7

But they had a great time, and everybody made it home safe and sound.

a 8

Mollie will be graduating soon, and then going away to college… a really expensive college… and then, we will be empty nesters.

a 9

And my nest is going to have a new music studio/jamming room… just sayin’…


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