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Orangielocks And The Forebears… (Or): What goes on in my head when I am alone in a car on a long drive: The crack squirrel chronicles… part 2…

Once upon a time there was a strange orange man with strange orange hair who was very concerned about other people and where their ancestors came from. He did not like people who had forebears who did not look and … Continue reading

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Those moments when you realize that your kids are growing up… and so are you…

If you are a parent, you have those moments when it suddenly strikes you that your kids are growing up… like that moment when your 16-year-old daughter casually mentions that this common household object… …looks like a uterus… I hadn’t even … Continue reading

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Finish that fairy tale… Part three… Or maybe the final chapter… Because it is hard to tell if you are all busy, or if this just isn’t that good of an idea…

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who lived in the woods with his grandfather. One day, while playing in the forest, he found a very large egg. The egg was colored with purple swirls of many shades, … Continue reading

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