The Oregon adventure continues… part 8… where we stayed…

That is where we stayed for most of our trip to Oregon. Not a good photo. Stupid nature getting in the way.

My wife and I had a very nice room,,, if you are in to rustic design.

The room had a view, sort of. Once again, a bunch of stupid trees are blocking the view.

Because right behind that screen of trees was a little river.

A very noisy little river.

Seriously, who knew nature would be so dang noisy?

There was a lovely deck, a great place to have coffee in the morning, if you didn’t mind the constant river sound… and the birds.

Keep it down! I am trying to relax! I am on vacation, for crying out loud.

And what is up with all the bears? My daughter’s boyfriend is trying to work remotely!

My son in law and I, doing some computer stuff. You could hear the river even inside. Sheeeeesh.

I am just joking about being a crabby old man. Do I look miserable?

That was an awesome place to stay.


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2 Responses to The Oregon adventure continues… part 8… where we stayed…

  1. You’re not a “crabby old man”, Art! A goofy, mentally-disturbed old man – definitely! So am I, for that matter! Although I say I’m on the tail end of middle age – not old.

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