The adventure… part 18; We say goodbye to the Elephant Seals, and continue our way North…

Is that a battle cry, or a yawn?

Is that a nose scratch or a sunshade?

Nature is full of mysteries. For example, I said in an earlier post that the otters were cleaning themselves. My older daughter Jessica corrected me. They were actually spreading oil from a gland all over themselves to help insulate against the cold.


You want a piece of me?

Come at me, Bro!

Whatever man.

Almost there… just a little farther…

Has anyone seen my moisturizing lotion?

And the battle rages on.

It is time to move on. We have seen a lot of animals, but now we will explore the coast of California.

As I drove North, I stopped at every viewpoint I could get to. Sometimes I didn’t even shut the door of the car, just got out and snapped a photo in each direction.

So goodbye, sleepy females and pups.

See you later, you not-big-enough-to-fight males.

And good luck, you aggressive, testosterone-laden magnificent male mammals.


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