Throwing shade; A study in light and shadow… part 2…

Light goes where it will, and where it can’t is the shadow.

Light picks out and defines, shade acts as the bass… the low notes.

It is a concert, a dance. A tune that entwines in the branches of trees and the growing leaves.

From the largest redwood to the smallest flower, light is their source of power, and our source of wonder.

Sunlight kisses a flower.

Are light and shadow at war, or is it the ultimate collaboration?

The interplay takes place everywhere, on every scale of life. But maybe I will do some of these with nonliving objects too.

And it isn’t just either shadow or light. There is merging, comingling, blending.

And the wind wants to play as well, moving light and shadow in an endless concordance.

Nature is depth, complexity, splendor.

And sometimes, light shines right through a leaf, and light and shadow become one underneath it.

I have a few ideas for the next post in this series, but I am still playing around with them.


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2 Responses to Throwing shade; A study in light and shadow… part 2…

  1. bwcarey says:

    you have the gift of light, maybe its the joe factor,cheers

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