Saving democracy… part 1…

My 97-year-old mother, with Joe Biden.

Because we had a late Christmas, we decided we should have a late New Years also. It was all planned by my older daughter Jessica. We did it during the inauguration.

It was more fun that you might think. My mom was drinking champagne at 9 in the morning.

My daughter Mollie, seeing the first woman being sworn in as vice president.

And her boyfriend Ben is fitting in to the family quite well.

Seriously, they are too cute together.

This is history, people, and there will be more posts in this series.

So see you around.


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4 Responses to Saving democracy… part 1…

  1. List of X says:

    Why is your Santa Claus shaved and dressed in a suit?

  2. When you say Mollie’s boyfriend is fitting in well with the family, you really mean he’s as weirdly wonderful as you, right?

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