That was a really long drive in a motor home just to see some birds and flowers…

Wait, what?

That is just plain rude!

Simmer down, I was just kidding. I get to see my mom and another of my brothers, and the Bay Area, and maybe some old friends… but I did have to drive through Los Angeles in a big motor home.

To get back to my city by the bay.

And I love birds.

Look how cute that little Tit Mouse is!

And I got to type the word ‘tit’ on this post in a completely legitimate way, so I can now tag it as free porn, to lure unsuspecting visitors to the blog!

And who doesn’t love dew-covered roses in the garden they grew up playing in?

A Nuthatch!

A Towhee… awwww… he has a hurt foot…

Birds are cool.

And I haven’t even gone out and had any Bay Area adventures yet. I haven’t made it farther than the backyard.


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