Make mine a Manhattan, on the rocks, and make it extra wiggly… which, I suppose, would be shaken, and not stirred… the final chapter…

Don’t get too excited.

a 1

When I say ‘final chapter’, I mean just of the wiggly pictures I took on the first night of our 3-and-a-half-day adventure in New York, standing by the East River and overlooking Manhattan across the river.

a 2

But you have survived to the last post of the first day. Now, let me see if I can explain why I love taking these photos.

a 3

Mostly, it is just that I never know how they will turn out until I look at them full-sized. Some are awesome. I find them artsy.

a 4

Also, I like the challenge of figuring out what combination of distance, lens, lighting and wiggle give the best result.

a 5

Also, there are things about this which I do not understand.

a 6

Why is it that some lights leave a complete, distinct line, while others seem to stutter and leave dots or dashes behind?

a 7

But yeah, mostly it is the wiggle. I try sweeps and swoops, up and down flicks, side to side swipes.

a 8

That one of the Brooklyn Bridge is barely wiggly.

a 9

And that one, of a skyscraper on the island across the way, seems to be repetitive up and down wiggle, with a slight curve. I may have been using the zoom lens on that one. Maybe I should be taking notes.

a 10

Now that is some world-class wiggling!

a 11

Okay, see you soon for the start of day two… which is going to contain lots of photos of penises. Yes, you heard me. Penis pictures. I am mostly telling you that to see if anybody is reading the words on these posts, but it is absolutely true. And yet, we will still stay within the framework of my more-or-less family-friendly blog. I hope.

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2 Responses to Make mine a Manhattan, on the rocks, and make it extra wiggly… which, I suppose, would be shaken, and not stirred… the final chapter…

  1. Christopher says:

    So this would be your…Manhattan Project.
    And I appreciate both the continued family friendliness and the fact that Monty Python’s “Penis Song” is now stuck in my head.

    • Well played with the Manhattan joke. I should have put that in a title. Maybe when I get the pics off my phone. Also, prepare to have more than just a song stuck in your head. Sorry in advance.

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