Make mine a Manhattan, on the rocks, and make it extra wiggly… which, I suppose, would be shaken, and not stirred… part 1…

a 1

Once again, my title is too clever by half. Obviously, these are just more of those photos I take when the lighting is low, and the shutter stays open longer, and I wiggle the camera around trying to get interesting results.

a 2

But how often do I get to do it while standing by the East River, not far from the Brooklyn Bridge?

a 3

Not often, since I live in San Diego, in California, and it is not close to New York City.

a 4

But, as you may be aware, I was there recently to visit one of my kids.

a 5

So I took the shot. A few shots, actually.

a 6

Sometimes these are awesome, and sometimes they aren’t.

a 7

I just enjoy doing it. I discovered this art-form when I was at my mom’s house for Christmas last year, and I was trying to take pictures of the Christmas tree in low light.

a 8

Turns out, after a few adult beverages, my hands are not always steady.

a 9

Wiggly lights reflected in wiggly water.

a 10

I am still playing with the best distance to take these from, and whether or not to use the zoom lens.

a 11

But mostly, it is all about the wiggle. That one isn’t nearly wiggly enough. I have about two more posts of these, but I am not adding any words to them, so I hope you read the words in this post. Then, we are done with day one of the three-and-a-half day adventure. And, as usual, I will probably save the best few of these to do some other weird digital stuff with someday.

a 12

But I did warn you that those purple lights would come back to haunt you.


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