New York City… day 1… part 13… and yes, I am luring you in with a picture of Lady Liberty, and then will make you look at more photos of the Brooklyn Bridge, but hey, it is all lit up now, and I swear, this will be the last post with photos of the bridge… sort of… except for… well… never mind…

a 1

There she is, calling you, lighting the way to…

a 2

More pictures of that dang bridge.

a 3

But look, it is getting dark.

a 4

The lights are coming on.

a 5

The bridge has adorned herself in sparkling jewels.

a 6

Manhattan is lit up like a Christmas tree.

a 7

Darkness descends over the East River like a cloak.

a 8

Okay, I am trying too hard. That was just stupid. You put a cloak on just like a coat, only without the trouble of finding the arm holes… sleeves… I know because I have a cloak. I would like to say I only wear it on Halloween, but that wouldn’t be true.

a 10

Remember those purple lights over there. They will be highlighted in the next few posts… but in a weird way.

a 11

And really, can you blame me for taking so many pictures here?

a 12

Even the bridge footing is lit up in purple. I love purple.

a 13

That is a fancy restaurant on the East River, under the end of the bridge. It is lit up like a fairy tale. And Manhattan gleams in the distance.

a 14

Because it is getting dark, you know what that means.

a 15

You have survived almost to the end of the first day of our 3-and-a-half day trip to New York! You deserve a medal. You must be exhausted.


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