New York City… day 1… part 12… Manhattan, as seen across the East River from Brooklyn… and yes, there might be some more pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge too. What am I supposed to do, not make you look at them? And I threw in a couple of the Statue of Liberty and some boats, so just look at those if you are tired of the bridge…

a 1

Okay, well, yeah, that is the bridge, but look at the pretty lights in the trees.

a 2

Ummm… look at the clouds? The top of that hill over to the right? I got nothing! I just like the way the cables look in that one.

a 3

See, the Statue of Liberty. No bridge at all.

a 4

Why does that stupid bridge insist on photo bombing a perfectly good photo of Manhattan? There is a nice little sail boat there.

a 5

I swear, that bridge is following us.

a 6

Yay! To misquote Led Zeppelin: “I’m just trying NOT to find the bridge”.

a 7


a 8

I know, right?

a 9

In my defense, I am not the one who built the bridge right there.

a 10

Lady Liberty, surrounded by stormy, dark waters, and evil-looking, roiling dark clouds. If that isn’t a cynical commentary on the dark state of affairs under the current administration, I don’t know what would be.

a 11

I know, but that one has a cool old boat in it, hearkening back to the rum-runner days of gangsters and prohibition.

a 12

I was clearly trying to get a photo of that ferryboat. I will end it here, with the solemn pledge that the next few posts in this series will have a smaller percentage of bridge pictures, as we fade into posts that have no photos of the bridge at all!!!



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