How to see most of New York City in 3-and-a-half days, even if it almost kills you… part 1…

a 1

Unusually for me, I have decided, at least at first, to share the pictures of my recent adventure in New York City in the order that I took them. I doubt this will last. The crack squirrels in my head will get sidetracked, see an amusing theme, and chase it.

a 2

But for now, I am just finishing up with the photos I took from the rooftop of the building where my older daughter and her husband live in Brooklyn.

a 3

You can see the Brooklyn Bridge in that one. I am not going to point out the famous buildings yet. I guarantee there will be other pictures of all of them.

a 4

More of my famous ‘wiggly light pictures’.

a 5

I do those on purpose. I like them.

a 6

Later, I may do some digital effects to the best ones.

a 7

Some turn out great.

a 8

It is just a thing I like to do.

a 9

This was just the first night in New York, after a really long day.

a 10

A quick view of how small my daughter’s apartment is.

a 11

Except for a hallway going to the door that has the kitchen in it, and a bathroom, that is all there is. But they have a great view.

a 12

That is the building from the outside. And it is daylight, which means that we are ready to start the first day of our adventure… tomorrow… I have to go to work soon, dang it.



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2 Responses to How to see most of New York City in 3-and-a-half days, even if it almost kills you… part 1…

  1. Your daughter’s apartment is huge compared to the apartment a good friend here in Dallas had, when he lived in New York.

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