More ‘wet webs’… and yes, that might be a dog hair stuck to that web, over on the left…

a 1

I had fun taking some photos of those funnel-web spider webs on that misty morning when they were covered with little drops. And I said that when the big garden spiders showed up, I would do the same thing. But they come now, and they aren’t big yet. Also, it is dry in San Diego today, so I broke out the little mister/spray bottle from my camera bag, the one I use to make fake ‘dew’ on flowers, and used it.

a 2

There is a dry orb web.

a 3

A little artificial nature, and you have magic… and a pissed off spider.

a 4

I did not damage the web. He was already repairing it.

a 5

I should have put my macro-photo lens on.

a 6

I will do more of these later, when the webs are bigger. Sooner or later, the camera, the lighting, and the wet webs will come together.

a 7

The perfect shot is always illusive. I am still trying to get that perfect photo of a dog shaking off water, when the sun lights all the drops like diamonds.

a 8

I found a few other webs, and the pictures got better.

a 9

It is actually tricky to focus on a web.

a 10

Sometimes it works.

a 11

And sometimes it is blurry, but still interesting.

a 12

You just never know until you see the pictures big.

a 13

Okay, I leave you with one artificially moistened funnel web, just for old time’s sake.



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