A crow on a dead tree branch, and a battle in the sky…

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Crow on a dead tree branch… that should be the name of a band, or a song, or an epic poem.

a 2

Have you ever seen crows or jays swooping at a hawk to drive it away?

a 3

Hawks are fearsome on the ground, after a dive that stuns or kills their prey, and with their awesome weaponry.

a 4

But hawks are built for soaring, gliding, and diving.

a 5

They aren’t good at aerobatics.

a 6

They just aren’t that maneuverable.

a 7

Other more nimble birds take advantage of this. They mob the hawk, giving it too many targets for it to focus on just one.

a 8

And if the hawk does go after one of their adversaries, the other ones swoop in from above and behind, plucking at his tail and back feathers with renewed ferocity.

a 9

It is a dangerous game, but some birds have it mastered. Crows are particularly good at it.

a 10

However, until yesterday, I had never seen a seagull do it. I know, it is a bad photo. The hawk had moved too far away even for the telephoto lens. But that, I assure you, is a lone seagull, harassing a hawk. It was like the seagull had watched the crows doing it, and figured he would give it a shot. I hope it ended well for him.

a 12

But seagulls ain’t no crows. Just sayin’.


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2 Responses to A crow on a dead tree branch, and a battle in the sky…

  1. Wow! Those are some good photos, Art. You really captured the dramatic interactions of the birds.

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