Up close and personal; fun with micro-photography… and don’t worry, this time I won’t try to make you play my game where you have to guess what the pictures are of… because when I did that earlier, nobody even tried to… sigh… part 1…

a 1

No, don’t try to guess… it is too late for that. I will now post a photo of the things that I used my new Christmas present, a little digital microscope, on, and we can all just get on with the ‘being amazed at being able to take pictures with a small microscope’ part of our day.

a 30

I already did some all natural objects in my failed guessing game posts. So I focused on some man-made objects this time. Be prepared to be amazed by a closer look at… a piece of tissue paper, a paper towel, a small Ziploc bag, one of my mom’s plates with a knight painted on it, a lined notebook that I used to make notes on how to use the little digital microscope, which is at the top of the picture, above the tissue paper, and the box the thing came in. I know, it is not a very exciting lineup. But wait until you see them a little closer.

a 2

Since the very first picture was of the knight painted on the plate, let’s continue with that.

a 3

What kind of paint do you use to stick to a porcelain or China plate? What do you cover the paint with to make it stay there through hundreds of washings and silverware being scraped over it? How hot do you have to bake it to make it last???

a 4

What kind of tiny brush do you use, assuming these are hand-made?

a 5

These are questions I never thought to ask, and I am a curious guy… who took glass blowing lessons.

a 6

Maybe I should have taken a closer regular photo of the plate, so you could see it better.

a 7

But I have to drive 500 miles back to San Diego tomorrow… so… oh, that might be the horse’s eye!?

a 8

The piece of tissue paper. Not overly exciting, but different from the paper towel, which looks like this…

a 9

It is a much rougher weave… or whatever you would call it.

a 10

That is the Ziploc part of a Ziploc bag.

a 11

And that is a little blue line, from a page of my lined notebook. It is really embedded in the paper somehow.

a 12

And those are parts of something I wrote in the notebook, in black ink, to remind me how to use the microscope, and find the pictures in my laptop folders after I took them, so I could share them with you now.

a 13

It is interesting to me that the ink isn’t bleeding and spreading into the paper more. Is it good paper or good ink, or both?

a 14

More questions I never thought to ask… or Google.

a 15

The amazing thing about the microscope is that you can actually zoom down to a whole, smaller level. That is what I did up there, which is why the blue line and my handwriting look even bigger. But at that level focusing is very difficult. I need to make the stand for the scope more sturdy. Any wiggle while adjusting the focus knob causes things to happen. Suddenly you aren’t on the target anymore. And you think you have it in focus, and then it self-adjusts for some reason. But I will get better at it.

a 16

That is part of the metal loops that run down the side of the notebook, to hold the pages in.

a 17

I liked it so much, I took another one. No rust this time.

a 18

These last two are of the box my present came in… which reminded me…

a 19

… that everything I was looking at in the microscope was actually turned upside down by the lenses… which explains why it was so danged hard to find things again if I bumped it.


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