Pugly girls… part 3…

a 1

Just more random pictures of the two baby pug girls we babysat over the Thanksgiving holidays. The good news is, you get to see baby pugs.

a 2

And their surprisingly large tongues…

a 3

The bad news is that you also get to look at pictures of me in my sweat pants, fuzzy sweatshirt, short black socks, and slippers… with a pug on my belly.

a 4

Hey, don’t judge me… it was my day off, and I am an old white guy.

a 5

No, that isn’t my junk, it is just a fold in my sweat pants where my pocket got rolled up. This is a family-friendly blog, damn it! I could have gotten rid of this picture… but look at her little feet!!! She is sitting on her legs and her feet are sticking out.

a 6

Is that the cutest thing ever or what?

a 7

Or maybe the second cutest thing, because there is my younger daughter, Mollie, with two pugs on her belly! And one is sitting on the other. It is a pile of cuteness!

a 8

If you are a toy alligator around baby pugs, your life-expectancy is about two-and-a-half minutes, tops.

a 9

Okay, I still have more pics on my phone.

a 10

So we will see you later… unless you don’t like dogs… in which case, I don’t care to see you at all. HA!

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10 Responses to Pugly girls… part 3…

  1. weggieboy says:

    It’s hard to top pugs (any age) for cuteness, sweet sweetness, and just plain funny natures! I’m not sure it can be done. Lots of fun here today!

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