Pugly girls… part 2…

a 1

So, I guess I better start telling the story of our weird Thanksgiving week. As I mentioned, there were multiple trips to the emergency room… three to be precise. My younger daughter Mollie, seen above, home from college for the holiday week, snuggling the two baby girl  pugs, was the first victim. She has had stomach troubles for years. She has to eat a special no-fat diet. All the symptoms pointed to gallbladder problems, but unless the doctors actually spotted gallbladder stones, they couldn’t positively diagnose it. Well, she had to be rushed to the hospital, but it turned out to be good news, because the sonogram finally showed those elusive stones. She will probably be having the gallbladder removed.

a 2

To make a long story short, my wife threw her back out of Thanksgiving morning. That was trip two. And, right after turkey dinner, my wife’s Uncle drove himself to urgent care for… a thing.

a 3

All this was going on while we were babysitting the pugs for my wife’s sister.

a 4

And, once again, do not let these pictures of the rare moments when the pugs were relaxing fool you into thinking they are just little angels.

a 5

I know, they are, but they are little devils too.

a 6

And that happens much more often than this does.

a 8

Most of the time they were tearing up anything they could get their teeth and claws into. Sure, it is okay when it is one of their toys, but mostly, it wasn’t.

a 9

And I remind you, getting down to their level for some floor-selfies is taking your life into your hands.

a 10

Just sayin’.

a 11

Also, they are very hard to photograph, because they hardly ever stand still.

a 12

To top it all off, our two dogs wanted to play with the puppies, but because the little dogs hadn’t had their shots yet, they had to stay outside for days, trying frantically to get in. All of this was going on during pie baking, and studying for midterms, and working, and a lot of other things. It was not a relaxing week.

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6 Responses to Pugly girls… part 2…

  1. My sister had to get her gallbladder removed a few years ago after a year of it messing with her. Luckily the procedure is fairly straightforward nowadays, with hardly any time spent in recovery. I hope your wife was able to feel better soon after throwing her back out. Backs, I’ve heard, don’t like to be thrown anywhere. They’re kind of ornery like that.

  2. Hope everyone’s feeling better now, Art. Digestive problems, bad backs, and “things” are not fun at any time and certainly not over a holiday. The day after Thanksgiving, I went to pick up my routine prescription and overheard a lady telling the pharmacist that she threw her shoulder out trying to get the huge turkey out of the oven. I’m glad I no longer host holidays.

  3. Sounds like the kinda week when puppy snuggles are much needed.

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