Pugly girls… part 1…

a 1

Okay, this is a long story… involving trips to the emergency room… (yes, that is plural)… dogs of various sizes, a crazy Thanksgiving holiday, one of my amazing daughters, and some other stuff.

a 2

But the vortex of this story swirls and whirls around these two little… uh… sweet maniacs.

a 3

Is there anything better than having two baby girl pugs snuggling in your lap?

a 4

Not much that I can think of.

a 5

But seriously, do you think this is the way baby pugs are most of the time?

a 6

No, they aren’t. This is what happens when you lay down on the floor to take some selfies with two little pugs.

a 7

They are sharp-teethed, sharp-clawed little psychopaths who move at the speed of light.

a 8

They want to dig your face open with those sharp little claws. They chew on everything they can reach with those sharp little teeth.

a 9

These two also have a penchant for trying to stick their tongues up your nostrils if given half a chance.

a 10

But then, they start to wear themselves out.

a 11

And that is when the magic happens.

a 12

To tell this story about how we ended up with these pugs temporarily, and all else that transpired, will take some time… hence the number ‘1’ in the title of this post. But don’t worry. I have a lot more pictures of the pugs.

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4 Responses to Pugly girls… part 1…

  1. awwww adorableness-overload

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