Sunset over San Francisco… smoke, clouds and fog…

a 1

I decided to give you a break from all those Yosemite pictures to post a few photos I took one night on my recent visit to my mom for her 95th birthday.

a 2

I drove up to one of my favorite view spots on the East side of the bay. I actually missed seeing the sun set. It was already behind the clouds, thanks to a late dinner and a slow driver I was stuck behind on the way up.

a 3

Although I like to think that the ‘sunset’ includes the time after the sun sinks, but it is still tinging the sky with color.

a 4

The Golden Gate Bridge, with Alcatraz Island in front of that Civil War fort that still stands under the arch of the bridge at the North end.

a 5

The sky was still that weird mix of fog and clouds, mixed with the smoke from all the wildfires.

a 6

The smoke mutes the colors, except when I zoomed in with the telephoto lens.

a 7

I’m not exactly sure how that works.

a 8

But it does.

a 9

I do love this spot.

a 10

I guess, if you have been here a while, you have seen hundreds of sunset photos from this place. And a lot of daytime ones.

a 11

In fact, I stopped here on the way out of town, on the way back to San Diego. After I finish the Yosemite posts… just a few more to go… I will finish up with those.

a 12

Then we can get back to my usual weird shenanigans.

a 13

Sometimes, when I get back from visiting my mom, I feel sort of bad about the people who started following my blog while I was there.

a 14

I’m sure they end up thinking that this is a travel blog of some sort.

a 15

And they think that they will continue to see photos of sunsets and flowers and places I have been.

a 16

And yes, you will get some of that.

a 17

And then the crack squirrels living in my head take control.

a 18

And things get a little strange.

a 19

And I guess some people stick around for the ride, and some people don’t.

a 20

And either way, I can’t blame them.


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2 Responses to Sunset over San Francisco… smoke, clouds and fog…

  1. I saw news of the fire that exploded along I5, trapping all those drivers! That must have been absolutely terrifying!

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