Monkey see, monkey doodoo…

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So I was doing another of the pictures for my series where I make mirror image images of stuff, and when I finished doing the mirror image of a group of monkeys, it hit me how funny this would be as a metaphor for tRump followers.

There they are, not overly bright or particularly evolved, and not even the best examples of their own species, captivated by the loudest monkey in the group. He hoots and waves his arms, and they hoot and wave their arms right along with him. If he shows aggression to a member of another group, some of the bigger, dumber males will attack small, defenseless members of that group… as long as they outnumber them. If he treats the females or young members of his own group with disrespect, you can bet the other males will follow his lead.

And if he throws crap, well, you get the idea.

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2 Responses to Monkey see, monkey doodoo…

  1. Heheheheehe….Loved this Art….Great stuff. 🙂

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