A dog and a log on my blog… oh, and a new sailor too!!!

a 1

The dog in question was this little guy, found wandering alone, without a collar, in that exclusive private community where I am now a security guard. No tags at all. Don’t worry, we found the owner, but I got to spend a few hours with the little guy in the guard house.

a 2

The log in question is this big guy, whom I am getting ready to carve a new tiki face into. And no, that isn’t the sun causing those light bars, my head really glows like that.

a 3

So yeah, a dog and a log… what was that other thing?

a 4

Oh, yeah, Dashawn, my younger daughter Mollie’s boyfriend, graduated from Navy boot camp today. She and my wife and Dashawn’s mom and sister flew from San Diego to Chicago to see it happen. Yes, I am completely unsupervised for a few days, just so you know.

a 5

I have big plans. Starting a tiki, catching up on my recorded TV shows, and eating a whole family-sized frozen macaroni and cheese dinner by myself at one sitting. Oh yeah. Hey, I can’t travel around the world having crazy adventures every single day just for your amusement.  If you are bored, go back and read some of my earlier adventures. They are just sitting down there in the basement.

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8 Responses to A dog and a log on my blog… oh, and a new sailor too!!!

  1. List of X says:

    Was that a resident’s dog and a visitors log?

  2. Congratulations to Dashawn! I had thought of joining the U.S. Navy some 30 years ago, but my father managed to talk me out of it. I’m glad you could find that little dog’s owner. I hate to see animals lost like that. Several years ago I got home from some errands and discovered a little black Chihuahua in the alley right behind my home. He wandered up to my truck, as I got out. I brought him inside and gave him some water. He was thirsty! I called local animal control, and they came to get him. I just hoped he had a microchip. That incident prompted me to get a microchip for my dog.

    The light behind your head in that 2nd photo ISN’T because your head glows, Art! That’s the mother ship coming back for you. That’s okay. Just relax. Go to the light. 🙂

  3. Elyse says:

    I get so mad at people who don’t put collars on their dogs. Every day one or more gets out in my neighborhood, and it is harder to find the owner because they don’t have tags. Come on people!

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