Desert vistas… part 5… Some desert rain…

a 1

I am particularly proud of that photo. It is a very localized rain shower in the middle of the desert, seen through some high-power lines… highpower lines… high powerlines… high power-lines… high-power-lines??? Not bad for a shot taken one handed at 85 miles per hour without even looking.

a 2

And then, the unthinkable almost happened.

a 3

I came within 12 miles of running out of gas… in the middle of the Arizona desert. Okay, I was technically at the Arizona/California border… but still.

a 4

I have never run out of fuel in a car in my life, not even in my old Suburban with a busted fuel gauge, that you had to write down the mileage in a little notebook and do math, which I suck at. But there are some wide expanses in the American Southwest. One minute, I had plenty of gas. Then, I had very little. Then, the warning light… in the shape of a little gasoline pump… came on. I watched my range indicator read down.

a 5

12 miles from disaster… well, extreme embarrassment, because I do have AAA, and could have just called a tow truck for free… I found a gas station.

a 6

I also found some tanks, but we can talk about that in the next post.

a 7

I will just leave you wondering about the armored vehicles for now.

a 8

And go back to tranquil scenes of the desert, like this one, with cloud shadows turning the hills dark.

a 9

Okay, catch you in a while.

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