Some flowers from my mom’s garden… for all of you still buried in snow…

a 1

Yeah, I am back in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing the final edit on book four of my action humor science fiction series of novels: The Otherwhere Chronicles-> available over there–> in my sidebar—>

a 2

So I am sort of busy.

a 3

But I still took time to take some photos for you.

a 4

Because I care.

a 5

Besides, they are all right there, in the garden I played in as a small child.

a 6

It is weirdly warm here in the Bay Area, for the time of year, I mean.

a 7

I don’t know if this has anything to do with global climate change.

a 8

But it is lovely.

a 9

I will try to get some more photos when I can, of the bay, or sunsets, or dogs, or whatever.

a 10

But I do love taking pictures of flowers.

a 11

Okay, see you soon, I hope.


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