We ended up back at this place…

a 1

You might recognize it. It was a big part of a movie called: Some Like It Hot, with Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, and Tony Curtis. My wife and I stayed here once for her birthday weekend. I did posts about it.

a 2

It is only about 20 miles from our house, so we went over there for brunch.

a 3

It is located on Coronado Island… yes, where the Navy SEALS train.

a 4

It is a lovely place.

a 5

There I am, flanked by Mollie, my younger daughter… yes, the one that just started college, not the one that recently got married… and her boyfriend, Dashawn. Oh, and once again, I had to crop my wife out of a photo, because she doesn’t want to be on the blog.

a 6

Did I mention that Dashawn is going into the Navy in a few months? Here he is, looking out at the ocean, and thinking about being way out there somewhere. I told him… as an ex Navy man… that the sea is like a sexy, crazy girlfriend. She will get into your blood, but you should never turn your back on her.

a 7

Anyway, have fun with the Super Bowl… Superbowl???… if you are into that ‘organized sports’ thing.

a 8

As we started up the Coronado bridge, you can just see the iconic red rooftops of the hotel in the distance.

a 9

Those mountains in the distance are in Mexico… South of Tijuana… and still no sign of a wall… HA!

a 10

And, ironically, just past the top of a ship raised up in dry dock for repairs, you can see the Navy ships at 32nd Street Naval Base, where I was stationed way back when I was 17.


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10 Responses to We ended up back at this place…

  1. julie says:

    It’s like you aren’t a real person, but a character in a book…
    Hope all is well my dear friend!

  2. Rhino House says:

    Ah, the comforts of time, place and memory. I envy your perfect day.

  3. I didn’t know you’d been in the Navy, Art. I had thought about going into either the Navy or the Marines some 30 years ago, but my dad kept talking me out of it.

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