Why, yes, I do even make jury duty look fun, don’t I?

a 1

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my wife and I had jury duty on the same day… technically, she forgot she had it, and rescheduled to the day I had it… but… still…

a 2

There I am, at the new, really big courthouse building in downtown San Diego.

a 3

I went to the top floor during my lunch break, to take some pictures. The windows have dark grey etchings on them. It looks a little like piano keys.

a 4

So what, you might be asking, does this have to do with that old sailing ship in the first picture? Well, if you are asking that, you didn’t read the other post I did about this.

a 5

I didn’t get picked for a jury. My wife was a possible member of a jury pool. So I was done at 2:30 in the afternoon, and she wasn’t, which gave me time to walk down to the waterfront. That is a Coast Guard cutter. You know, if I took the time to Photoshop it, it would look like it was going to run us down… oh… okay… fine…

a 5 copy

There you go.

a 6

I love the maritime museum. They have a bunch of interesting boats you can go on, like that, an old clipper ship called the Star Of India. School kids in San Diego get to spend the night on her, and learn about history.

a 7

They also have the ship from that Russel Crow movie, Master And Commander.

a 8

Sorry if it is snowing where you live still.

a 9

Oh, cool… that little ship in the middle, that is a  hand-made copy of the San Salvador, the first European ship to reach the West Coast of the United States, back in 1542. I saw them building that.

a 10

I found a new, little park across the street. Uh… baby got back.

a 11

Baby got… well… I don’t know what baby got.

a 12

I stayed until it was almost sunset, then my wife texted that she was on the way to pick me up.

a 13

Right as the sky was getting really colorful

a 14

Five more minutes, and this would have been an even better picture.


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4 Responses to Why, yes, I do even make jury duty look fun, don’t I?

  1. H.E. ELLIS says:

    Man, I need to get back to San Diego. I used to live there when my Dad was stationed at Miramar.

  2. Sarah Hale says:

    Neat post. Can you tell me more about the star of India? It’d be cool to see the inside!

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