Detours: A California adventure… part 17; Now that’s a bathroom!!!

a 1

Uh, no, that isn’t a photo of the actual bathroom… you are getting ahead of yourself…

a 2

Then what, I hear you asking yourself, is this charming little building we are looking at?

a 3

It is this place… the Madonna Inn, on California’s Highway 101, in San Luis Obispo. I was, finally, after all my detours, back on a direct route home to San Diego… for a while…

a 4

This hotel is weird, and sort of fun.

a 5

Wait… is that the dining room in the Trump brothel in Las Vegas?

a 6

Don’t be silly. Trump doesn’t own a brothel in Las Vegas… you can’t build places of prostitution inside the city limits… they have to be out of town, in the desert.

a 7

To be honest, I could have cut further inland and taken a shorter, more direct route home, when I at last managed to get back to civilization after my last crazy detour… but I really had to pee when I hit the 101, and I knew this place was here, and they have this amazing restroom for men to use. Look at those giant clam shell sinks!

a 8

No, that isn’t a fireplace. It is a motion-activated waterfall urinal, big enough for three people. I was once photographed here by a busload of Japanese tourists, male and female… no… not on purpose… but I might still be famous in Japan. In fact, I travel so much in California, that I was once planning on doing a travel book with all the best restroom stops.

a 9

The Christmas decorations were still up, which explains this mother Puma and her two cubs over the main fireplace near the lobby.

a 10

It also explains this… uh… Santa Monk?

a 11

And Mother Claus.

a 12

Okay, nothing actually explains this place.

a 13

It is both adorable and tacky.

a 14

It does have a claim to fame… the theme hotel rooms. There is a caveman room, where you can pretend to be Fred Flinstone, having a romantic Bedrock getaway… supposedly with Wilma. I think there is a jungle room, where you can play Tarzan and Jane. Maybe there is a spacey future room for you sci-fi fans.

a 15

My wife and I, along with our first daughter who was very young, stayed there once. It wasn’t planned. We had some sort of travel mishap. All the fun rooms were booked. We got the: Sir Walter Raleigh room… about as exciting as it sounds. Like an Old English set from a low-budget British TV show.

a 16

But it did have some nice, framed prints of drawings of Sir Walter Raleigh. Didn’t he introduce tobacco to Europe? The room was in that building, set back behind the main building. Just so you know.


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8 Responses to Detours: A California adventure… part 17; Now that’s a bathroom!!!

  1. A “motion-activated waterfall urinal, big enough for three people”? Heavens to bulging bladders! I’ve been looking for one those for years! But it does look like a fun place.

  2. chris jensen says:

    What about the a jetson room, so you play George Jetson… Or maybe Elroy…


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