Detours: A California adventure… part 12; The halfway point…

a 1

This post takes us to the end of my morning adventure with my big cousin and my two little cousins, to that little farm on the coast near Santa Cruz, in Northern California.

a 2

After this morning of fun, we went back to my cousin’s house… or is that cousins’ house?… for lunch and naps for the kids, and then we had one more little adventure, before I left the following morning to continue my detour-laden drive up the coast.

a 4

Behind the farm, there was a dirt road, and this led to another exciting find.

a 5


a 6

Or is that horseys?

a 7

Either way, you know how I feel about horses.

a 8

Any day that you get to pet some horses is a good day.

a 9

I also spotted a Peregrine Falcon as we walked back to the car.

a 10

I didn’t think he would sit there for long, so I didn’t change the lens on my camera to the zoom lens.

a 11

But, thanks to the huge size at which my camera saves the photos, I just cropped a bunch of the photos off, and it looks like I did use the zoom lens.

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