Detours: A California adventure… part 9; Aloe caves, two small boys, and a really big tree…

a 1

My two little cousins, exploring an aloe cave.

a 2

After our little jaunt down to the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Santa Cruz in Northern California, my cousins and I walked to a lovely old farm. In front of the farm were the biggest Aloe plants I have ever seen.

a 3

I have some aloe plants in my back yard in San Diego. They are less than one-foot-tall…

a 4

These aloe plants tower over twenty feet in height, and you can go right inside them.

a 5

I have never seen anything like it. I mean, not with aloe plants. And the people who run this historic old farm even go to the trouble of removing the sharp, curved thorns that run down the side of each aloe leaf, at least to the level that they would rip little kids apart.

a 6

Man, me and the cousins had fun!

a 7

I might have to move my aloe plants to the middle of my yard when they get a little bigger, and make me some aloe caves!

a 8

Aloe is also very useful. If you get a burn, you can snip off a bit of an aloe leaf, and rub the clear, jelly-like sap onto the burn. It soothes the pain and helps the burn heal.

a 9

Ain’t nature wonderful?

a 10

I suggest we all plant some aloe.

a 11

But the aloe plants weren’t the only remarkable thing growing at this quaint old farm.

a 12

There was also a great big tree, that was not only the perfect tree for a kid to climb in, but its canopy grew over the trunks like a giant circus tent.

a 13

Inside, it was like a cool, green grotto.

a 14

This is the tree every kid is looking for.
a 15As long as we are focusing on plants, I think my next post will be a bunch of photos of the flowers that were growing around this farm… you know, just for you people who are living under 6 feet of snow right now.




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6 Responses to Detours: A California adventure… part 9; Aloe caves, two small boys, and a really big tree…

  1. I’ve never seen aloe plants so large either!

  2. bwcarey says:

    is aloe hard to grow, you just reminded me of my health, thanks, happy new year.

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