Detours: A California adventure… part 4; Birds and beaches…

a 1

It is time to leave the lighthouse… which you can just see the corner of, over there to the right… and continue on the first leg of my epic, detour-filled, three-day jaunt along the coast of California.

a 2

I guess I didn’t drive too far before I found another place to stop and take a picture or two… the lighthouse is still in view, further North, towards the Bay Area.

a 3

There were more birds than people on most of the beaches I stopped to look at.

a 4

That would rarely be true in Southern California, even in the winter.

a 5

Uh… maybe that is why Alfred Hitchcock set the movie ‘The Birds’ in Northern California.

a 6

This is what you call a ‘rugged’ coastline.

a 7

Lots of birds.

a 8


a 9

The horizon was lit up by a long rip in the clouds.

a 10

In my next post, you will learn why I took this first, planned detour, and we will have some fun… I promise.

a 11

That is a good picture of some kelp beds… those long, wavy, floaty, green-brown plants of the sea. If you can skin dive or scuba dive through kelp without hearing the theme song from the movie ‘Jaws’ in your head, then you must not have seen the movie.


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