tRump finally got something done… and it is going to come back to bite us all on the ass…

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Just sayin’…


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12 Responses to tRump finally got something done… and it is going to come back to bite us all on the ass…

  1. I predicted some 40 years ago that one of my first cousins on my dad’s side of the family and his wife would have a beautiful daughter and 2 handsome sons. And they did! I predicted some 20 years ago that one of my best friends and his wife would also have a beautiful daughter and 2 handsome sons. And they did! I predicted that the puppy a former roommate got in 2002 would end up in my custody, which would then turn into one of the best investments I ever made. And that’s exactly what happened!

    I predicted that Bill Clinton would win the presidency in 1992, and we’d experience an economic boon unlike anything seen in decades. And that’s exactly what happened! I predicted the Y2K paranoia was overblown, and everything would be just fine when the clock hit midnight on 01/01/2000. And that’s what happened!

    Now, I predict you (Art Browne) will receive a million-dollar grant from the California Institute of the Arts and produce a multitude of award-winning drawings and glass works.

    Stay tuned! 😉

  2. List of X says:

    Trump didn’t really do anything. It’s all Republicans in Congress and their owners who got this done. It’s just another thing that someone else built and Trump will get to slap his name on.

  3. Well, that’s a different way of “turning the other cheek”! 🙂

    Back in 2000, I predicted that G.W. Bush would get us into a war and a recession. And I was right! I then predicted that Obama would win, but the Republicans would be so upset that a half-blooded Negro could actually garner the U.S. presidency that they’d deliberately fail to cooperate with him. And I was right! I also predicted, though, that Obama and the Democrats wouldn’t do much to help the middle class and boost the economy. And I was right! Instead, they spent more time on the health care act, working with illegal immigrants and making sure Israel wouldn’t get pissed off too many times.

    Last year I predicted Trump would win the White House and would reinstall the old tried-and-failed “trickle-down” economics bullshit that almost every Republican president since Warren G. Harding had instituted. And I’m right again!

    My greatest fear now is that the new GOP tax bill will pass the House, and the country will spiral into another, much deeper recession; maybe even a depression. That, in turn, could foment a civil war that our global enemies will exploit. I know some Trump voters felt they had no other choice. Although I didn’t care for Clinton, she actually would have been the lesser of the 2 evils.

    Many Americans didn’t seem to realize they had a third choice, Jill Stein, for whom I voted. I told several friends and acquaintances who blamed me and other Stein voters for Clinton’s loss that the problem was with Clinton herself. Her ideas were as empty as the bottles of hair dye she left lying around the garage floor.

    But Trump voters – many of whom bought into the idea that maintaining gun rights and building a wall along the Mexican border were far more important than ensuring their own financial futures – will now have to snuggle into the bed they made with him. That’s if the old bastard will actually allow such peons to sleep in the same room with him!

    • List of X says:

      I was started to get impressed by your prediction abilities, but then you mentioned voting for Jill Stein, and that feeling evaporated right back. 🙂
      You weren’t predicting she could possibly win, were you? Because back then it was pretty obvious that either Trump or Clinton would win, not Stein or Johnson, so while I understand that someone might vote for a candidate who’s guaranteed to lose if that candidate better represents your position, I’m still sure that having a president you agree with 75% of the time for 4 or 8 years is better than paying the price of having a president who you agree with 5% of the time for a two minute pleasure of voting for a 95% match. Actually, this wasn’t the case for me since I didn’t even think Jill Stein was a better candidate than Clinton based on her program and experience (none) – and voted against Clinton in the primary!
      Of course, if you live in a state that was already a lock for Clinton or a lock for Trump, you had absolutely no responsibility in Clinton’s loss. But tens of thousands of Stein votes in PA, WI, and MI, I hope they are also happy with their vote and this tax scam, I mean, reform.

      • He makes a good point.

      • Don’t blame me for Clinton’s loss! Blame her and the Democrats. I live in Texas where the Democratic Party hasn’t won a top state office since 1994. Of course, that’s because most people here don’t vote. But it’s also because the Texas GOP has rigged the system in their favor. I voted for Gore in 2000 and for Kerry in 2004. I also voted for Obama both times. In the 2006 mid-terms, I voted mostly Democrat with one exception: Richard “Kinky” Friedman who ran for Texas governor as an independent. He and another independent candidate, Caroline Keeton-Strayhorn, each won 10% or more of the votes, which made both major parties stand up and take notice. Keeton-Strayhorn and Friedman were registered Republicans.

        I voted for Friedman, in part, to piss off the Democrats, but also because of my overall frustration and anger with the political system. For one thing, the National Democratic Party seems to have abandoned Texas. But, at the national level, they keep wimping out. In 2004, they tried to take the high road and play nice on the national stage. That’s why the 2004 Democratic National Convention came off sounding like a week-long promo for the movie “Frozen.” The Democrats didn’t call George W. Bush what he was: a liar and a draft-dodger. The same goes for Dick Cheney. I kept telling people after Bush left office, if the Democrats had at least made an attempt to impeach him over the Iraq War, they might have gained some credibility.

        After the GOP won the House in 2010, Obama and the Democrats caved on the Bush tax cuts issue. The GOP threatened to withhold renewing unemployment benefits if the wealthiest citizens couldn’t keep their tax breaks. Obama rightfully called the long-term unemployed “hostages.” He and the Democrats could have overcome that at the end of 2010 because they still had a majority in the House. But, nooooo…they felt the overwhelming need to compromise with John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

        I think the greatest failure of the Obama Administration is they didn’t seriously pursue investigations of how and why the U.S. economy almost completely imploded in 2008. Millions of people lost their jobs, homes and retirement savings; the big banks got bail outs; and no one went to jail. I became one of the those “hostages” by the end of 2011 and I was pissed 5 years later, as I realized there’d be no repercussions for the financial debacle.

        Now we have Charles “Super Saccharine” Schumer and Nancy “No Tear Ducts” Pelosi leading the Democrats. Can things get any worse? Stranger things have happened!

        My apologies, Art. I didn’t mean to turn your blog into a political screed. I’m genuinely impressed with your glass work!

        • List of X says:

          I agree with your criticism of the Democrats. However, I would much rather have Chuck “Super Saccharine” Schumer and Nancy “No Tear Ducts” Pelosi running the Senate and the House, rather than Mitch “Sneaky Turtle” McConnell and Paul “Zombie Eyes” Ryan. At least I know that the first two would not be actively trying to rob the middle class and destroy the environment.
          So yeah, it can get worse. It already did get worse than 2010, when we actually raised taxes on the rich (as a part of Obamacare) and let Bush tax cuts expire. And it can get even worse than now – just imagine Roy “His Pedophileness” Moore and Loiue “Brain Donor” Gohmert running the show.

        • I don’t think he was blaming you so much as just venting.

    • Maybe you could try predicting something nice next?

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