I found Paul Manafort in this old Trump family photo… don’t let Trump distance himself…


Trump is basically running an organized crime family out of the White House. All the crazy stuff… the tweets, putting the worst people in charge of everything, repealing the Affordable Health Care Act, the pathetic disaster responses, the buffoonery with foreign heads of state, the ‘fake news’ rants, it’s all just distractions.

He went into the president business for the same reasons he went into real estate. To make his family more wealthy. He will run up dept. He will refuse to pay his creditors and contractors. By the end, he will most likely declare the United States bankrupt.

Meanwhile, he is changing tax laws to make himself rich. Even his golf vacations to his own clubs are netting him hundreds of thousands of dollars. We put a con man in charge of our military. We made a thief the president of the bank. I don’t know what it is about this walking reptile that makes so many people think he has their best interests at heart, but when they finally see him for what he really is, there probably won’t be any place on this planet where he can hide.


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6 Responses to I found Paul Manafort in this old Trump family photo… don’t let Trump distance himself…

  1. List of X says:

    He’s not running an organized crime family. It’s more like a disorganized crime family.

  2. weggieboy says:

    Why do you think they refer to him as “The Donald”, which is, of course, formal for “the don”….!

    The family portrait is appropriately scary!

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