A puppy in a tutu, a setting sun, a setting moon, and a rising sun… (the end of my latest journey to the Bay Area)…

a 1

Okay, it isn’t really a tutu, it’s a… well, I don’t know what it was… or what it was for… but it was fake fur wrapped around an elastic band forming a circle… and it looked pretty funny on the dog.

a 2

Yes, I do know the name of the dog, a little chocolate lab. His name is Dutch. He belongs to my good friend Chris, whom I went to visit the day before I left the Bay Area to come back to San Diego. Chris and his family moved into the neighborhood where my mom still lives, when Chris was 7-years-old. I guess I was 7 too.

a 3


a 4

It took Dutch a while…

a 5

But he finally got out of his embarrassing Halloween costume.

a 6

And then he took a nap. He looks a lot more ‘chocolate’ on the wooden floor.

a 7

One last sunset from my mom’s backyard. That mountain is Mount Tamalpais. Yes, the one I ended up getting detoured to the top of on my three-bridge adventure.

a 8

I did my patented ‘leaving at four in the morning so I can miss the bad traffic in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego thing’. I stopped and put the zoom lens on to take a photo of the moon.

a 9

And I got a few pictures of the rising sun in the California Central Valley too.

a 10

Yes, I took them while I was driving.

a 11

But I kept one hand on the wheel and both eyes on the road.


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