Some random photos of San Francisco while I tell you what I have coming up…

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So, yeah, I’m back at my mom’s house in the Bay Area once again. I took a few photos down at that dog park I like to go to.

a 2

I brought two novels with me, one to start editing… even though I suck at editing. If I could edit, I wouldn’t have made any mistakes while I wrote them… and one to continue writing so I can finish it finally.

a 3

In fact, if any of you are interested in editing… I mean, I can’t pay you, but you get a signed copy of the book sent to you, and a very nice mention on the credits page, and a blog post singing your praises… let me know.

a 4

I am editing on the fourth book of my action/humor science fiction series; The Otherwhere Chronicles. I am also beginning work again on a novel I started way back when I was in my twenties.

a 5

It is titled; How Thick The Blood That Binds Us… (I know, right?)

But that isn’t the exciting part. I think I am going to start posting chapters of one or both of those books. For a while, at least… to see if anybody is actually still reading the words here. Ha!




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8 Responses to Some random photos of San Francisco while I tell you what I have coming up…

  1. Al says:

    Your last line reminds me of patch notes on something I read yesterday. There were pages and at the end, it said “And if you have read this far, we are still not going to tell you the bits we have coming up”

    I would offer to edit for you. But I won’t. Haha. That’s because I think I suck more at editing than you do. It’s why I use WOrd with spellcheck and grammar check on all the time.

  2. Congratulations! That’s so exciting you’re up to the editing stage of your book! And you’re already thinking of your next way 🙂 Beautiful photos, I’m envious of the blue skies as it’s cloudy and rainy here in Wellington, New Zealand 🙂 Sharon

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