Yeah, I know, it’s another sunset… from my mom’s house…

a 1

No, it isn’t the best view in the Bay Area.

a 2

You can only see parts of the bay, and you can’t see anything of San Francisco or the Golden Gate Bridge, like you can from other parts of the big ridge on which the house I grew up in sits.

a 3

The sun has moved Northward, so it isn’t setting behind that grove of trees like it was the last time I was here.

a 4

Which kind of puts the sunset right behind the giant oak tree in front of the house. (I do like to take photos with multiple layers of leaves or flowers, and just see what the camera decided to focus on).

a 5

But what I like about these sunset pictures is this…

a 6

I don’t have to drive… or even walk… anywhere. Unless you count going out on the deck or up to the top level of the backyard, like I did for that photo up there.

a 7

Okay, I do have to either ignore or shoot through the phone lines and power wires… or crop them out of the picture.

a 8

But these are perfect when I am feeling lazy. And, as you saw in an earlier post, I never know what kind of wildlife will be waiting for me right outside.



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4 Responses to Yeah, I know, it’s another sunset… from my mom’s house…

  1. Al says:

    I agree with Alejandro. Sunsets are stunning and you can never tire of them

  2. I don’t know anyone who gets tired of seeing sunsets!

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