And my other new project is… (drum roll, please)… another new book cover!!!

z 50

No, that isn’t a concept idea for the new cover. That is a silly picture I did for an old post where I told people to buy my books or the alien would shoot me. However, that alien race will be in the fourth novel of my action/humor science fiction series: The Otherwhere Chronicles. As will I, because the hero of the books is me… but not this me, a me in another dimension almost exactly like this one… except chock full of aliens and silly adventures, where I… he… we… save an alien space station… (where I work as a janitor)… and then save the San Francisco Bay Area from a plot hatched by a huge, evil human/alien corporation… and then I try to take a vacation in the third book… until, in this last one, I am forced to save the entire universe from an invasion by evil, and not overly-bright aliens from yet another dimension.

z 51

I will probably try to make the cover from this picture, which contains a spaceship made for me by my son-in-law in a 3-D program, and which is featured on an earlier book cover from the series. I just made a bunch of the ships and put them in outer space. The one on the earlier cover is coming in for a landing over the Golden Gate bridge.


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