Sunsets and other stuff… wait… is that a double sunset???

a 1

Well there is only one more post after this one, from our recent adventures in the Bay Area. We went to a barbecue at my friend, Chris’s house, on our last night there. I have known him since I was a little kid. I think the double sun in that photo is a reflection in the window, because I took it from inside his house on the second floor.

a 2

Oh, here is something interesting. I was paging through a photo book called: Berkeley, The One And Only, when I was at my mom’s house. I came across a page about that statue that I helped make a long time ago. The one down at the Berkeley Marina. I never know if people believe me when I say that the artist had a bunch of friends put on road crew vests, and drop the statue off in the middle of the night with a big flatbed truck with a crane on it.

a 3

On the way to my friend’s house on that last night, we drove down the main road in Kensington, the town where I grew up. We did it because of the freeway traffic. In that shot, if you look way over across the bay, you can see fog rolling in, cresting over the headlands like a slow-motion tsunami. I just thought you might like to see it from another angle.

a 4

There is another shot of the same thing. The fog is ready once more to try to hide the Golden Gate Bridge.

a 5

It was a nice sunset, if not spectacular.

a 6

And, once again, not one of the usual spots where I take the sunset photos when I am in the Bay Area.

a 7

There was also a cool moon that night, made cooler by the clouds.

a 8

I guess I just like nature.

a 9

So, you know how I mentioned that a lot of us gathered in the Bay Area to go see Hamilton? And I also mentioned that Mollie, my younger daughter, dyed her hair pink. Well, Jessica, my older daughter, and Carol, my mother-in-law, decided to get in on the act. The matching shirts were Jessica’s idea. Just so you know, that was the only time they all wore the shirts at the same time. You can carry even a cute idea too far. They are all standing in my mom’s living room.

a 10

And here are a few last sunset photos taken from my mom’s deck.

a 11

With one that I didn’t crop down to remove the power lines and phone wires…

a 12

Which are the reason that I always zoom in on those trees when I don’t feel like driving to a higher vantage point.

a 13

Okay, they really are adorable, aren’t they?


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2 Responses to Sunsets and other stuff… wait… is that a double sunset???

  1. Al says:

    These are great, Art.

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