Is there anything better than holding a baby… yes, holding two babies!

c 1

I apologize for the quality of some of these photos. It is hard to take selfies with one hand. You can’t touch the screen to make the camera focus. We went to see our friends today… and the twins!

c 2

Which one is that? I have no idea.

c 3

Thing one or thing two?

c 4

I don’t care, and neither do they.

c 5

I also got to play with my buddy, Olivia! She is an awesome big sister.

c 6

I love that picture. I told her to stand close and look up. Good picture of my size 15 feet, too.

c 7

Joey, giving Olivia the bouncy ride.

c 8

My wife stayed with mom and the kids, while I took Joey to see the Dunkirk movie. It was good.

c 9

But not as good as this.


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