Comic Con was super, man!!!

a 1

It was totally worth the 1,000 miles I have to drive… well, I already drove half of it… to get back to San Diego from the Bay Area… and now we have to go back to the Bay Area to see Hamilton. Yeah, you heard me, I saw Comic Con one week before I go see Hamilton… the two hardest tickets to get in the world.

a 2

So, I was at Comic Con all day, and probably walked about 20 miles. I have tons of photos, and I saw some really famous people from movies and TV… but you know me, I always save the best for last. So I am starting off with some of the least exciting pictures… don’t worry, when you get bored, I can always do a few more sunset pictures from the Bay Area. HA! So yeah, I saw a lot of cool merchandise.

a 3

I saw manly men shopping for manly kilts…

a 4

I know you don’t care about that, but I am a Scottish Lord,… or Laird… after all.

a 5

I saw… whatever that is…

a 6

And… that guy…

a 7

And I saw Sponge Bob’s house… life sized… it looks smaller because of the people in the foreground,  but look at the people inside it for scale.

a 8

I saw a cool car… and I saw…

a 9

Taco Belle!!!

Okay, stay tuned for more Comic Con stuff. I might mix in a few famous people posts before the very end, but I’m not wasting them on a Sunday. Sundays are always slow.



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