And I only had to stand in one line at Comic Con…

a 1

I mean, it was a pretty good line… but if you sign up for some of the autograph signings or panel discussions, you can spend mot of the day in lines. I did what I always do, wander around and follow my instincts. And I came up with a couple of tips for celebrity spotting that I will pass on in later posts.

a 2

But at least I wasn’t at the back of it…

a 3

And then we started moving…

a 4

Down the escalators, and to the exhibit hall!

a 5

And it was all worth it, the 500 mile drive… back to the town I actually live in… from the town I am going back to in a few days…

a 6

Just to stand in awe before the mighty Tower of T-Shirts!

a 7

The things is… you knew there was going to be a thing, right?… that, as a first-timer, I started the day taking photos of anybody in a costume. By the end of the day, I was only taking pictures of awesome costumes and funny stuff.

a 8

But, as I always say, I like to save the best stuff for last.

a 9

Which explains why a news crew interviewing the actual Wonder Woman… well, one of the 500 actual Wonder Women I saw that day… is in such an early post.


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2 Responses to And I only had to stand in one line at Comic Con…

  1. For some reason, Comic Con always looked a little scary. Then I saw news footage of a recent Mary Kay convention in Dallas and was almost terrified. Give me a bunch of grown folks trying to live out their childhood fantasies over a bunch of menopausal debutantes any day!

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