My daughter Mollie… and I am only going to give the back story on this once, so read the first post…. part 3…

a 2Mollie and my mom, as we enjoyed high tea in the crypts beneath St. Paul’s Cathedral.

a 1

After tea, we attended a service in the cathedral. We got to sit up in the chairs behind the alter, where the high and mighty sit. My mom has connections.

a 3

My mom, who is well on her way to 100-years-old, getting a Mollie hug. Mollie gives the best hugs. They are in the London Eye.

a 4

In front of Selfridge’s department store. I actually used our visit there for research for that murder mystery novel I wrote, that took place in World War Two London… available over there—-> in my sidebar, if you click the book cover pictures, they are magic links!

a 5

My traveling buddy!

a 6

Mollie is fun to travel with… or hang out with… or do anything with.

a 7

Enjoying the wind in her face at the Liverpool docks, after a visit to the Beatles museum, and right before we saw another movie scene being filmed, this time from a Meryl Streep movie. If you had any idea how many ships were  sunk near this spot by Nazi bombs, mines or torpedoes, it would blow your mind.

a 8

Mollie, my mom, and I, walking in Paris.

a 9

Because, you know… Paris!


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